step4EU Science, Technology, Education and Policy for Europe

Potential Implementation instruments

Step4EU is aimed to enable an enriched environment for collaborative policy analysis and policy formulation, based on policy-oriented research questions with an international dimension. Examples of activities to be planned include:

  • New web-based platform, at “”: as a means of: a) gathering pertinent data and information; b) actively engaging stakeholders, including knowledge producers and users; c) diffusing best practices and lessons learned as well as case studies.
  • A Research Fellowships Program (6 to 9 months) for new research and fieldwork in EU countries and oriented towards new research on science and HE development, by involving post-doctoral and senior researchers in EU universities and research institutions.
  • Policy Fellowships (3 months): to consider a program of fellowships for fieldwork in EU member states, oriented towards the preparation of policy briefs about selected and specialized themes on science, technology and higher education development. The ultimate goal is to involve students in short and medium term research periods (2 to 9 months) in EU regions.
  • Doctoral Consortium: to foster an international Doctoral Consortium in order to bring together a few selected Doctoral programs focused on STEP into a network of cooperation and exchange of students and academic staff. An annual meeting of the Doctoral Consortium, involving Universities should help addressing common issues, providing a wider international educational environment for students.
  • Studios for policy analysis: to foster the development of multi-site Studios for policy analysis, making use of internet-based technologies and groupware methodologies.
  • High level Conferences: It considers the organization of a few high-level conferences over the next 6 years aiming at engaging stakeholders, including policy leaders and corporate managers, along with higher education institutions, research students and policy analysts, to jointly discuss emerging issues in science and technology development policies.
  • Specialized publications, including a Book Series, promoting new material to assess and steer science and HE development policies in EU countries and regions.